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The Wealth Creation Formula - How To Go From Middle Class To Wealthy | Book

I am so excited to bring you my Newest Book, The Wealth Creation Formula: How to Go From Middle Class to Wealthy.   

The Wealth Creation Formula will give you an inside look on How I changed my poverty thinking and created Generational Wealth for myself and my family.

In The Wealth Creation Formula I will share with you the EXACT recipe I used to go from earning $30,000 a year to financial freedom forever. 

This simple read will break down for YOU how to go from poverty, getting by - middle class traps that enslave so many to be poorer than they need to be. 

You will learn the The 3 phases of Building Wealth, my 9-step formula for increasing your family’s income and net worth and more:

- How to Create Passive Income

- How to Create Multiple Flows of Income

- Creating Generational Wealth

- Reversing Poverty Mindset

- Passive Income > Earned Income

- Wealth Secrets and Hacks

- Identifying Money Traps

- How to Get Your Family on Same Page

- How to Guarantee Financial Freedom

- How to Become the Top 1%

- When to Buy Stupid Stuff

- When to Buy the Jet

"I wrote The Wealth Creation Formula to show YOU the exact simple recipe anyone can use to create generational wealth today starting today.”   Grant Cardone 

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