Selling Basics

This course is designed to help sales leaders install a consistent foundation of how to be successful in sales, to then build on with the company-specific product and sales process training. Ultimately, to develop the ability to become a top producer in sales, be it long sales cycles, short sales cycles, transactional selling, social selling, cross-selling, consultative selling, relationship selling, and more, one must first become a master in the basic principles required for sales success. The basics are in fact, anything but basic, and this course delivers the information needed on how to build a strong platform for sales leaders to build from.

What you will get:

  • Learn the most important sale you will ever make
  • Develop the mindset needed to dominate in sales
  • Become a master of time management
  • How to increase daily activity
Selling, A Way of Life
• Selling is a Prerequisite for Life
• The Commission
• Volume and Profit: Part One
• Volume and Profit: Part Two
• Salespeople Drive Entire Economies
Professional or Amateur?
• Professional or Amateur?
• The Great Shortage
• Commitment
• Greener Pastures
• The Power of Prediction
• The Only Reason You Won’t Like Selling
The Most Important Sale
• Selling Yourself
• Conviction is the Make/BreakPoint
• The Ninety-Day Phenomenon
• Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!
• How Much Time Do You Have?
• Use Every Moment to Sell
• The Lunch Opportunity
• Lunch Out = Sales Up
Massive Action
• Take Massive Action
• The Four Degrees of Action
• Massive Action = New Problems
• Production Yields Happiness
• The 10x Rule
• Work Your Power Base
• How to Build Your Power Base
• Impose on Them or Help Them?
• Capitalize on the Easy Sale