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How to Create Wealth Investing in Real Estate eBook & MP3

In How to Create Wealth Investing in Real Estate Grant Cardone shares the exact formula he used to create almost $1B of real estate holdings, almost 5000 units. 

This is not a book about flipping or wholesaling homes, it's about investing in real estate that is a proven method for creating massive wealth.

This book is about how you can buy income-producing real estate, protect your capital, and provide you and your family with passive while the property pays down debt and you wait for asset appreciation.

This easy-to-read guide can be read from cover to cover in one sitting. You will learn:
  •  The precise type of real estate that will ensure you the best chance at cash flow and appreciation.
  • How to ensure positive cash flow during all economies.
  • How to evaluate a property to know what a fair price is.
  • How to determine where to find the best deals in your market.
  •  What price, cap rate, and how to ensure appreciation in the future.
  •  What the perfect first deal is for you and what deals you should never do.
  • Why a lower cap rate may provide you with the greatest gain.
  • How to use good debt and make the bank your partner.
  • How to know what price you will exit at and even who the buyer profile will be.
  • You also get an inside look at the exact deals he is looking at today. 

You also get an inside look at the exact deals he is looking at today. This is not a book about what someone did decades ago nor is it about how to buy real estate with no money down. It is about how to use find and buy real estate that is sure to create multiple flows of income for your family and explode your net worth over time using debt pay down and forced appreciation.

“Grant Cardone is the master of real estate investing and he simplifies it in his newest release.  Get it and apply what he is telling you.”  Daymond John, SharkTank Star, and CEO Fubu.
"Cardone is to real estate investing what I am to the bar and restaurant business. He shows you exactly what he has done to build a multi-hundred million dollar business.”   Jon Taffer, Bar Rescue

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