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Millions on the Phone University

What are you doing to maximize every phone call opportunity? Whether it’s incoming, cold calls, follow up, or prospecting, you need to know how to handle them in the most efficient way possible.

Over 310 Video Segments

  • Follow Up: How can you follow-up so effectively that prospects actually return calls? In the Follow-Up course I will serve up to you 2 years of exact follow-up strategies for both Sold and Unsold customers.
  • Prospecting: Helps salespeople identify and cultivate their most sales-ready opportunities which will result in a lower client acquisition cost and higher deal profitability. The ability to create sales opportunities without the help of advertising and marketing is the most impactful cost saving activity you can have within your business.
  • Incoming Calls: The Incoming Calls course was designed to make your team true pros on the phone. The course goes over the structure and format of an incoming call and digs down to uncover the most critical points in the call that must be hit in order to secure an appointment or a sale on an incoming phone call.
  • Selling Basics: This course is designed to help sales leaders install a consistent foundation of how to be successful in sales, to then build on with company specific product and sales process training.
  • Understanding the Buyer: The material covers the most important rules in selling and also covers the 1 thing that every customer will pay more money for in a deal, and it is not what you think!
  • Sales Process: This course will help you create the perfect sales process not just for you in your business, but also for your customer.  Includes sales training best practices on developing a bulletproof product presentation and finally how to present a winning proposal that gets the deal done.

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