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How to Create Wealth Investing in Real Estate Home Study Course

Grant's Deluxe Real Estate Home Study Course!

Includes Everything You Need to Not Only Build a Healthy Real Estate Portfolio, but to Build a Real Estate Empire! 

This Comprehensive Program Includes 5 Things:

#1How to Create Wealth Investing in Real Estate Book

This simple book is a great introduction to what Grant does in real estate and why he does it.

#2: Real Estate Resource Book  

Grant reveals brokers he knows and includes templates you can SWIPE to underwrite deals and leasing checklists you need to have if you're going to be a landlord.

This handy resource book is like getting all of Cardone Capital's papers you can use for your own real estate business!

  • Due diligence checklists
  • Ready to swipe applications for residency you can give to potential tenants
  • Balance due letters, crime notices, hurricane notice letter, intent to vacate letter
  • Lease extension template, notice of returned check template, lease renewal template, lease violation notice, roommate release forms, property incident report template and much, much more! 

#3: Grant's Real Estate Program

An audio and video immersion, let Grant teach you about Real Estate on camera from the Turks and Caicos! 

Even the most-advanced investor will learn strategies that Grant employs to increase returns, increase positive cash flow and assure a two-to-three-times increase in returns.

#4: The Grant Cardone Real Estate Study Manual

The 107-page document that outlines in detail ALL of Grant's real estate strategies—worth its weight in GOLD

#5: Special Coupon

You'll receive a coupon for a Live Deal Underwriting Consultation. Grant Cardone will underwrite one deal live on his Real Estate show! These will be scheduled as time permits.

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