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Grant Cardone's Personal Guide to Money Mastery

For the first time ever, Grant is combining 5 of his bestselling programs into a single package for a great price.

Ever wondered what your life would be like if you were financially free? What if you could live life on YOUR terms and not somebody else’s? How would the way you live your life change if you were not shackled by your finances?

Grant Cardone’s Personal Guide to Money Mastery is a step by step accounting of the money and wealth principles that took Grant from down and out unable to afford $275/mo for rent to owning seven 8-Figure Businesses, and owning a real estate portfolio with $1 Billion in holdings.

If you ever see wealthy people and wonder what they know, that you don’t, Grant Cardone’s Personal Guide to Money Mastery will uncover the wealth building principles that have helped create indestructible wealth for the richest families in the world.

What You Get:

How to Become a Millionaire as Fast as Possible, including:

*A step-by-step process on how to create wealth just as Grant did.

*The ability to be a hero to others and give beyond your wildest dreams.

*Exactly what you must do to create a million dollars.

Easily Understand and Master Your Personal Finances, including:

*When to use debt

*How to pay yourself first

*The 40% Rule

The Secrets Only the Wealthy Know, including:

*Doing what you want, when you want

*Flying private

*What the Buffets, Carnagies, and Rothschilds know that make them 10,000X more financially successful than others.

Learn How Grant Uses Money, including:

*The different “classes” of income

*How to prioritize your finances

*Tips and exercises to create a financial assessment of where you’re at now

If all that’s not enough, you’ll also get 10 Specific Ways to Guarantee Your Prosperity!

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