100 Ways to Stay Motivated University

Flip Your Switch to Ignite Your Fire and Get Moving Towards Your Dreams!

The disengaged worker costs the US economy over $500 BILLION per year. What is this costing your company? Motivation is the secret sauce that can drive company profits through the roof. One of the biggest challenges that leaders face is how they can get their team motivated and then keep them there. Motivation can come and go. It is a muscle that must be built and developed. So what is the effect of a motivated, engaged staff on your customers? 41% of customers in a recent survey are loyal to a brand because of their attitude while 68% of customers will defect from a brand based on an experience with a disengaged employee.

The 100 Ways to Stay Motivated course was built to be a step by step checklist of things you and your team can do to be more motivated on a daily basis. The levels of motivation that your team operates with are not determined solely by what happens from 9-5 in the office. In fact, much of what contributes to team motivation is the result of what happens away from the office. This course is guaranteed to wake up the dead!

What you will get:
Tips to motivating a team
How to find your personal “switch”
3 ways to sustain levels of motivation
Mastering Goal Setting