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Monster Producer Academy

A Monster Producer is a "Legendary Creature that combines multiple skill sets to dominate a market." Monster Producer was created by Coach Micheal Burt, the Super Coach to some of the top performing individuals and companies in the world. Coach Burt combines his unique experiences as a former championship coach with his entrepreneurial mindset to help you build the systems, structures, and processes to make you bigger than you. He is intense but positive.

Monster Producer is a step by step proven process and system to grow your business by as much as 43% in a one year cycle that tackles:

  • How to explain your services in a world class way
  • How to sell through a system to drive up leads, probability, and networks
  • How to create a MILLION DOLLAR FOLLOW UP with seven great touches
  • How to extract 5.7 referrals from every transaction

Our ultimate objective is to get every Monster Producer to earn $250K in personal income yearly.

In Monster Producer you get:

  • Scale your business at a hyper rate
  • Market and position your business as differentiated in a saturated world
  • Hire, build, and grow your team to free you up to play in your unique money area
  • Articulate your explanation of services in a world-class manner
  • Work a pure selling system that drives QUALIFIED leads
  • Build a million dollar follow-up
  • Create an experience that drives 5.7 referrals
  • Become a “Person of Interest” and build an “Organization of Interest”
  • Get more attention for your business through attraction marketing

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