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7 Top Sales Secrets | eBook

This is the companion ebook and included with the 7 Top Sales Secrets Live Training.

If you are ready to positively impact your sales and your paycheck, the secrets contained in this book will put you on the fast track to dramatic business growth.

This book has:
  • 26 Page eBook of Monster Sales Content
  • How To Increase Tour Closing Ratio
  • Biggest Mistakes To Avoid In Sales
  • 7 Sales Secrets That Are Game Changers + 2 Bonus Secrets
  • Basic Laws Every Sales Person Must Know
  • Progress Measuring Tools Included
What your will learn:
  • The biggest mistakes to avoid in sales
  • Why 87% of sales people miss quota
  • How to use the #1 Rule in Selling to negotiate for more profit
  • How to increase your price on 2/3 of your deals with 60% of your customers
  • How to use Sales Training in your organization to increase sales 15%
  • How to handle ‘bully negotiations’ and ‘price buyers’
  • How to use third parties to increase your closing ratio
  • Mind-blowing strategies for following up unsold customers
  • How to use third parties to increase your closing ratio

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