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The Grant Cardone Dictionary of Multifamily Real Estate Terms

With more than 30+ years of experience in the Real Estate space, Grant Cardone has seen nearly every type of real estate deal. Over his career he has found that even the most savvy and experienced buyers, sellers, lenders, investors, contractors, management companies, and legal teams have a wide and varying understanding of the critical terms and vocabulary needed to find, find, close and manage a deal.  The common misunderstandings and misuse of these terms inspired Grant to create this essential resource of 500 real estate terms and definitions. This volume is for any real estate investor looking for total confidence throughout the deal cycle. If you want to be fully prepared and have an official reference at your fingertips for common or complex definitions — for both multifamily properties as well as many other kinds of Real Estate Property Deals — look no further than Grant Cardone’s Dictionary of Multifamily Real Estate Terms.

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