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The Closer's Survival Guide Book and MP3

A survey of over 1100 sales people indicates that handling objections and closing the deal are the biggest weaknesses of ALL sales people.

I created The Closer’s Survival Guide for YOU so you can become GREAT at Negotiating and Closing.

Over 126 of the GREATEST closes you will ever hear - how to use them, when to use them and how to handle ANY and EVERY objection a customer will EVER give you.


Are you sick of Selling and NOT Closing the Deal?

Did you know that the average buyer MUST be asked 5 times before they will buy but the average sales person on has 3 closes.

The Close is 20% of your selling time but 100% of your income.

Would you like to cut the time spend on a transaction in 1/2?

If you are tired of selling and not closing?

Are you tired of your customers making decisions on just price?

Are you tired of customers thinking about it, not making decisions and stalling?


Note: This is not the physical audio CD version. This is the downloadable MP3 version.

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