The 10X Rule Exclusive Reading + Commentary

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"The Only Difference Between Success and Failure" - GC

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This is over 5 hours of video with Grant Cardone personally reading each chapter of his top bestselling book The 10X Rule. This book has created a social and economic phenomenon where people are no longer being held down by old concepts of The Middle Class, buying a home, living with small targets, just getting by and living paycheck-to-paycheck.

  • 5+ Hour Exclusive Video
  • Grant's Exclusive Commentary on Each Chapter

The 10X Rule will show you:

  • Why the 10X Rule is vital to your success
  • What success really is, and why you must define it
  • How success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility
  • Why there is no shortage of success on planet Earth
  • How to assume control of everything
  • The Four Degrees of Action
  • Why average is a failing formula
  • How to set 10X Goals
  • Why competition is for sissies
  • How to break out of the middle class, for good
  • Why obsession isn't a disease; it's a gift
  • When to go "all in" and overcommit
  • When to expand
  • When to contract
  • How to burn the whole place down, and why
  • Why FEAR is the great indicator
  • Overcoming the myth of time management
  • How criticism is a sign of success
  • Why customer satisfaction is the wrong target
  • Understanding omnipresence
  • Defining and defeating excuses, permanently
  • How to get started living a 10X Life