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The Millionaire Booklet | eBook - Marathi

1903 reviews

The eight steps Grant Cardone lays out is in a very simple to understand language that will allow you to get started today in creating the money you deserve.

Grant teaches you:
  • 8 Simple Steps GC used to become a Millionaire
  • Why & How to Become a Millionaire
  • How to Make The Millionaire Decision that sticks
  • Why Staying Broke is not staying poor
  • How to Create Multiple Flows of Income

International Translators -

  • Arabic: Moustafa Kassim                 
  • Armenian: Sergei Gasparian             
  • Bulgarian: Kostadin Kostadinov      
  • Croatian: Ozren Buvac                     
  • Danish: Claus Offersen                     
  • Dutch: Camiel Kooij                         
  • Estonian: Karl-Ott Juhanson            
  • Farsi: Navid Homayoun                    
  • Finnish: Kasimir Kuusela                 
  • French: Charaf Idali                          
  • Gaelic: John Whitney                         
  • German: Christian Ajun                    
  • Greek: George Bris                           
  • Gujarati: Aakash Shah                     
  • Hindi: Shivam Chhuneja                   
  • Hungarian: Monica Kovak               
  • Italian: Vittoria Scopelliti                  
  • Japanese: Maki Davis                       
  • Macedonian: Dimitrija Ristevski      
  • Malay: Mohamad Irfan Sukeri          
  • Mandarin: Qu Xiao & Andrea Nuciforo  
  • Marathi: Aakash Shah                      
  • Polish: Robert Heliosz                       
  • Portuguese: Douglas Jacob                 
  • Punjabi: Shivam Chhuneja               
  • Romanian: Luciana Demian             
  • Russian: Mike Khlebas & Kirill Butov   
  • Serbian: Sladjan Voinov                   
  • Slovak: Gabriel Bottlik                      
  • Slovenian: Vid Sedej                         
  • Spanish: Nikki Fuentes                     
  • Swedish: Josef & Jonatan Bolin        
  • Tamil: Sai Prahlad                             
  • Telugu: Sharanya Reddy                   
  • Zulu: Lincoln Zondi   

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      MOSES M.
      Tanzania Tanzania
      I recommend this product

      Best book on money

      This small booklet changed my whole life around money and my mindset around getting rich, and then wealthy. for anyone who aspires to achieve financial success, this is the fundamental book !

      Mateo H.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product

      Wonderful Book Investing In Real Estate

      The book provided an immense amount of insight. I had some doubts about purchasing the book. I bought the ebook 4 or 3 years ago and managed to finish it this year (2023). I initially assumed the book would be comprised of arrogant stories of money making, without any data or actionable insight. I've read business books that speak of the million dollar victories and gloss over the skills to achieve the spoils of victory. This book broke my pre-conceived notions of business. It contained anecdotal narratives, life wisdom, brief technical analysis, industry secrets, investor motives, and more! Grant comes off as a humble and bold person. He comes from humble beginnings and understands the plight of the working man. He has the same dream that million of Americans have of abundance, freedom, options, and security through opulence. Difference is that he worked extremely hard and took actionable steps towards his goal of financial freedom. As a reader, I fully understood the challenges, opportunity, and knowledge required to make REAL money. There're minority of people controlling the best deals, resources, data, etc. NO BIG SURPRISES THERE. Small portion of ultra-elites control all of the best material, that's been the same monotonous narrative since the beginning of man. To conclude, I am 23 years old and interested in replicating the success Mr. Cardone has. I'm sure this is a common trope among all Cardone followers. I'd differentiate myself by these characteristics: I don't plan on family creating soon, I'm committed to financial success and willing to patiently work/wait, I have nothing but time on my side, I've done research and have gotten more and more interested in Real Estate as a vehicle for wealth. There are other more personal reasons as well. Anyways, I'd recommend this book to anyone looking for a good starting point in RE and wants quality, objective knowledge. Cheers, Mateo

      Grant Cardone Training Technologies, Inc. The Millionaire Booklet Review
      Miles S.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product

      one of the top books for real estate reading

      This is a great reading by one of this generation's greatest real estate investors.

      Van D.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product

      He makes the complicated so simple!

      Grant has done an amazing job with explaining to the average person the fundamentals of getting started in real estate with multifamily units. He goes very in depth his mistakes, lessons learned and how everyone can have an opportunity of the pie. Thank you Mr. Cardone!

      Dirk L.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product

      an eyeopener

      Quick reading and very inspirational.

      Kwamene N.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product


      Reading this book has given enough information to boost my confidence about real estate. Consider me a non-accredited investor and I look forward to seeing what’s in store on June 17th I will be in attendance

      William G.
      I recommend this product

      Excellent Read

      “How to create wealth investing in real estate” is an excellent book, giving you all the basics needed to understand how to safely protect and build wealth. Grant outlines how to spot good deals and bad deals, and most importantly instructs you on how to secure the good deals once you find them. Looking forward to applying the knowledge Grant has provided.

      Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
      I recommend this product

      Awesome book

      I would recommend this book to anyone who is in sales. Definitely worth every penny

      Aoron D.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product

      Awesome book. Wish I knew about it sooner.

      It is simply amazing how a book like this can have such an impact on how you see every client interaction in a new light as you actively and deliberately move towards the close with a clear vision of the end result. You can't just read this book if you want to fully benefit from it. You have to digest it. You have to do the homework. What I thought was going to be gaining some knowledge has turned into a process of continuous study and fine tuning the handling of virtually all sales opportunities in just about every situation.

      Antoine c.
      Bulgaria Bulgaria
      I recommend this product

      Amazing book. Highly recommended

      Just finished reading this book. thank you for the generous flow of information and knowledge. It clarified my path toward the real estate industry. gGeat book. Logic clean straight to the point…

      Munna J.
      India India
      I recommend this product

      m Hazarika

      10th pass ITI pass

      Jonathan S.
      United States United States
      I recommend this product

      Fantastic Real Estate Book

      Easy to read and follow along. Very informative. Grant’s fantastic! I also bought his real estate video program and also have my company on Cardone U.

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