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Secrets to Closing the Sale | eBook

This is the companion ebook and included with the Secrets to Closing the Sale Live Training. 

The close represents 100% of your earnings. This book will turn you into a respected closer amongst your peers, a leader in your industry and most importantly, it will give you the confidence, courage and the commissions a real closer deserves.

This book has:
  • 52 Pages of Closing Content
  • Takes you From Basic to Advanced Closes
  • 42 Closing Secrets Every Pro Closer Must Know
  • How to Set Up Negotiations to Increase Closing Ratios
  • Grant Cardone is Known as the 'King of the Close'
You will learn HOW TO:
  • Stop selling and start closing
  • Quit giving away your profits
  • Turn every objection into the reason to buy
  • Close double the number of deals with one technique
  • Turn the price shopper into buying more over time
  • Cut your selling time in 1/2 with one question
  • Use a higher price to handle the price shopper
  • Sell you product for nothing and make more money

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