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The Perfect Sales System

Increasing and closing sales throughout the sales process requires more than just following a handful of sales tips. Salespeople must utilize negotiating strategy, poise, and forward thinking to lead a client toward an agreement to close a sale. Designing the perfect sales process for your business can be a challenging task, and subsequently motivating your sales team to adopt a sales process is an entirely different conversation.

The Sales Process course in Grant Cardone Sales Training University will show you how to get motivated to create the perfect sales process for both you and your customers.

The sales training in this course offers a blended learning approach, which includes consultation from your in-house training facilitator to help design your perfected sales process, and then follow up with a plan to implement it.

The lessons within the course include negotiating, sales presentation tips regarding buyer behavior then look at best practices for fact-finding.

The course also includes sales training best practices, sales presentation tips and finally how to close a sale with a winning proposal that gets the deal done.

What You'll Get:

When you enroll today, you'll receive instant access to:

  • Cardone University The Perfect Sales System Program
  • 8 Core Modules
  • 77 Video Courses

Plus, upon successful completion of the program you will also receive:

  • A badge that can be hosted on your website, email signature and LinkedIn profile
  • A digital, printable certificate of completion for framing
  • Status and recognition for completing a Cardone University program

What You'll Learn:

  • Learn how you can increase sales with a Perfected Sales Process
  • Learn sales presentation tips for using your sales process as an asset that will increase sales
  • Best Practices for Fact Finding and Negotiating
  • Industry leading Sales Strategies and Sales Advice
  • Double your proposals presented to clients

Modules Included:

Road to the Sale
• What is the Road To The Sale?
• Steps in the Road to the Sale 1-13
• Mistakes to Avoid
• Commit to the Steps
• Your Mental Disposition
• Service is Senior
• Verbally Deliver a Great Attitude
• How to Stay Positive
• Tricks to Staying Positive
• 20 Traits of a Great Attitude
• Rules to Being Positive
• Positive Communication
The Greeting
• Purpose of the Greeting
• Your Introduction
• Putting the Buyer at Ease
• Handling the RDR
• Common Ground
• Using Information
• Using Information Part 2
• Information Gets You Information
• Dress and Posture
• Tips on the Greeting
• Biggest Mistakes In The Greeting
• Great Greetings
• Terrible Greetings
Fact Finding
• Questions to ask on a trade-in • The Importance of Fact Finding • 21st Century Fact Finding Best Practices • What – Why – How • The New Situation • Wrong Product • Clues from the Last Purchase • Questions Not to ask
• The Basics
• Selection
• Verify Selection With Alternatives
• More On Alternatives
• Demonstration Basics
• Feature Advantage Benefit
• Product Knowledge – Mistakes
• The Why
• Why’s and APES
• Controlled Presentations
• Present First
• The Rules
• Assumptive
• Demonstration – Mistakes
• Demonstration – Objections
• Sell Yourself
• Super Freak The Presentation
Trial Closes
• What’s a Trial Close?
• Trial closes you can use
• Gaining Mental Ownership
• Objections to trial close
• Not just the product
• Make Them Feel Like Family
Objections In The Greeting
• I Have Bad Credit
• I have Bad Credit 2
• Time Objections
• Time Objections 2
• What Will the Payments be on?
• Payments
• Objections in The Greeting
• Handling Objections in The Greeting
• Difference Between Want and Ask
• Initiate Objections in the Greeting
• Handling Price in the Greeting
• Mistakes Made in Handling Price
• Just Looking
• Want to Speak To Your Manager
• Time Objections
• Concerning Financing
• Credit Concerns
• What Will the Payments be On?

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