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Personal Finance & Wealth Creation

Everyone makes mistakes with money. Avoid these financial blunders at every stage of life by learning some of the most common money mistakes.

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  • Cardone University Personal Finance & Wealth Creation Program
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Modules Included:

    Personal Finances

    • Income is King
    • Income Increments
    • Spend 95% of Your Time on Income, 5% on expenses
    • The 40% Rule
    • How to Use A Credit Card
    • Pay Yourself First
    • When to Use Debt
    • Meet the Weekly on Your Money
    • Stay Broke
    • Money Shortage Mindset
    • Looking at Prices
    • Worry About Money
    Money Mistakes

    • Introduction
    • Seeking Comfort, Not Freedom
    • Diversification
    • Depending on One Income Flow
    • Comparing to Others
    • Investing in Trends
    • Trusting without Proof
    • Saving to Save
    • Pretender Spender

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