Sales Scripts & Role Play Playbook - Trainer's Guide

The ultimate guide for you and your team on increasing sales and moving past any objection!

Taken directly from the bestselling 10X Business Bootcamp, this trainer's manual is what Grant uses himself to train his staff. 

  • How can I fill a pipeline with an endless supply of qualified prospects?
  • How can I find and then train a team of top-performing salespeople?
  • How can I predict monthly sales or income?
  • How can I locate, engage, and sell “Whale” prospects?
  • How can I maintain consistent, month over month sales and income growth?

For 30+ years Grant Cardone has been helping everyone from individual sales professionals to Fortune 50 companies, build, implement, and execute high-efficiency sales processes and education programs that produce predictable record-breaking results.

Having built 4 companies that produce over $100 million per year in annual sales, people have always wondered how they could achieve those same results for themselves. 

This trainer's manual shows you.