Cardone University Training Manuals - PRE-ORDER

Cardone Univerity has been a bestselling online sales training platform for thousands of businesses and individuals, and now for the 1st time ever, it's been put together in an easy to use written format!

  • Volume I The Fundamentals of Selling
  • Volume II The Road to the Sale
  • Volume III Closing the Deal
  • Volume IV Incoming Calls
  • Volume V Follow Up

Courses include custom workbooks for Selling Basics, Selling 101, The Sales Process, Understanding the Buyer, Theory of Closing, Closing Strategies, Incoming Calls, Prospecting, Follow Up, Customer Service, 100 Ways to Stay Motivated, Top Traits of Great Sales People, Internet Lead Response, Personal Finances, Handling Objections, Cold Calling and more.

These 5 volumes are your complete sales training library!