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Be Obsessed Or Be Average | On Demand Video

"The ultimate value-add is you." - GC

This is over 10 hours of video with Grant Cardone personally reading each chapter of his new bestselling book Be Obsessed or Be Average. Not only does Grant read each of the 13 chapters, but he also gives additional thoughts as he reads to bring even more value to you. This is fun, informative, and motivating to watch.

  • 10+ Hour Exclusive Video
  • Grant's Exclusive Commentary on Each Chapter

Be Obsessed or Be Average will show you:

  • How obsession saved my life and how it will save yours
  • Why obsession is your only option
  • What to be obsessed with
  • How to "Feed the Beast"
  • Why you must starve your doubt
  • How to dominate to win
  • How to stay dangerous
  • Becoming obsessed with sales
  • How to overpromise and overdeliver
  • How to build an obsessed team
  • Why being a control freak is the only option
  • Being obsessed with persistence
  • Being obsessed forever
  • ...and much more

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