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The Millionaire Booklet 10-Pack

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Grant Cardone wants to simplify the process of becoming a millionaire and, if you want, even super rich. This isn’t some pie in the sky, out of reach big claim. He knows it is attainable because he has used the information here and done it.

The eight steps Grant Cardone lays out is in a very simple to understand language that will allow you to get started today in creating the money you deserve. Let’s face it, your parents didn’t teach you how to get rich and the schools and colleges don’t even talk about it.

Grant teaches you:
  • 8 Simple Steps GC used to become a Millionaire
  • Why & How to Become a Millionaire
  • How to Make The Millionaire Decision that sticks
  • Why Staying Broke is not staying poor
  • How to Create Multiple Flows of Income

International Translators -

  • Arabic: Moustafa Kassim                 
  • Armenian: Sergei Gasparian             
  • Bulgarian: Kostadin Kostadinov      
  • Croatian: Ozren Buvac                     
  • Danish: Claus Offersen                     
  • Dutch: Camiel Kooij                         
  • Estonian: Karl-Ott Juhanson            
  • Farsi: Navid Homayoun                    
  • Finnish: Kasimir Kuusela                 
  • French: Charaf Idali                          
  • Gaelic: John Whitney                         
  • German: Christian Ajun                    
  • Greek: George Bris                           
  • Gujarati: Aakash Shah                     
  • Hindi: Shivam Chhuneja                   
  • Hungarian: Monica Kovak               
  • Italian: Vittoria Scopelliti                  
  • Japanese: Maki Davis                       
  • Macedonian: Dimitrija Ristevski      
  • Malay: Mohamad Irfan Sukeri          
  • Mandarin: Qu Xiao & Andrea Nuciforo  
  • Marathi: Aakash Shah                      
  • Polish: Robert Heliosz                       
  • Portuguese: Douglas Jacob                 
  • Punjabi: Shivam Chhuneja               
  • Romanian: Luciana Demian             
  • Russian: Mike Khlebas & Kirill Butov   
  • Serbian: Sladjan Voinov                   
  • Slovak: Gabriel Bottlik                      
  • Slovenian: Vid Sedej                         
  • Spanish: Nikki Fuentes                     
  • Swedish: Josef & Jonatan Bolin        
  • Tamil: Sai Prahlad                             
  • Telugu: Sharanya Reddy                   
  • Zulu: Lincoln Zondi   
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    • Location Republic of Moldova

    Thank you Grant Cardone

    Thanks for this planner, is amazing

    Driss K.
    • Location I’m from Morocco

    Millionaire Mind set

    It’s a good Book, it has Many exemples That shows Us how to increase our revenue, how to stay positive And committed to what you do. I’m still learning and listening to the MP3 version of the book every day on my way to work.

    Bobia D.
    • Location Romania, Bucharest

    Simple, clear and inpiering

    I love the simplicity and in the same time the depth it brings to the ideea if being a millionaire. Grant makes a very clear case in it that millionair is not about the money because at some point you easily cover all your needs and pleasures and then is about helping, about meaning and about truly buulding a life that you love. Being millionaire is about meaning and is a very deep process. It invites you to action and makeing differance. The simple calculus of becoming millionaire he proposes there opens up the mind. Mu mind lightened up and felt so inspired and joyful when i saw how easy it can actually be.

    Jan M.
    • Location Czech Republic

    Great content

    Great content like all books from Uncle G! Everyone should read it!!

    Christian M.
    • Location Australia

    Brilliant - read it all

    Brilliant - read it all the time. Have one in the car, one in my laptop bag, one by my bed, one in the toilet, one on my office desk & a few extras to give to people that need it!!

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