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Mastering Objections

Handle Objections LIKE a PRO 

Put GC in your head and watch your deals close 10X faster.)

- The 4 Secrets of Handling Objections

- Scientific Proven Steps to Handling Objections

- The Biggest Mistakes to AVOID

- Drills and Exercises to Become a Pro

  • Your price is too high.
  • I gotta think about it.
  • The first place I have been to.
  • I need to shop some more.
  • I never make a decision at the first place.
  • I gotta talk to my spouse.
  • I need to check with my accountant.
  • I am waiting on taxes.
  • I'm not interested.
  • I need to check on financing.
  • I am not in the market.
  • We are satisfied with our current product 
  • and another 50 objections...... 

---> How to make Cold Calls

---> Hot and Cold Prospecting Calls

---> Negotiation Techniques

---> How to Qualify the Buyer to a Close

---> How to Follow Up the Un-Closed

What Will You Get?

  • 5+ Hour Master Class with Grant Cardone
  • 50+ Page Mastering Objections eBook
  • 15 Videos on Handling Specific Objections
  • Play-by-Play Breakdown - From Cold Call to Close on Vide

These tools will show you how to handle objections and become a better close and top producer.

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