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Elena Cardone Private Speaking

Private Speaking Engagements and Keynote Address

Elena Cardone will give you exclusive guidance to help you achieve your personal goals, build your empire, and take your life to the next level of success.

Build your confidence to build your empire with the personal, direct, and highly intuitive motivational coaching of Elena Cardone.

"I absolutely love the Cardone mission in life. I truly believe in this system and have implemented it in every way. The most impactful speaker at The 10X Growth Conference was Elena. She spoke on building an empire. I took what she said to heart, and have listened to her training over and over again. I had a net worth of $50,000 when I first heard her, I took that $50,000 and turned it into a net worth of over $5,000,000. My empire got 10Xed!" - Christy Ogle

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