Real Estate Club

Real Estate Club is the most exclusive community for real estate investors, syndicators, and partners. Gain the confidence to get started in real estate investing with access to a network of investors, select the right lending providers, deal flow works with buyers and sellers, and find underwriters for deals debt, and equity. Real estate investing is responsible for creating more millionaires than any other investment. 

Grant will show you how he scaled to $4 Billion Dollars of assets under management and how you can scale your real estate holdings. The Grant Cardone 10X Real Estate Club includes access to 2 exclusive two-day events.

PLUS - The 10X team will support you with bi-monthly calls where you can pitch your deals to an EXCLUSIVE group of QUALIFIED REAL ESTATE INVESTORS.

If you want to:

Buy BIGGER deals

Buy your first deal and make sure it makes a million dollars

Buy deals and want to get access to better debt

Buy deals and get access to investors

Get ACCESS to better deals

PITCH your deal to an exclusive group of investors

Get Grant to invest in YOUR deals

...then you should consider joining our exclusive Real Estate Club.

 This is a very exclusive real estate mastermind intended ONLY for those who are serious about real estate investing.


3 EXCLUSIVE Workshops Per Year
2 Workshops & 1 VIP Real Estate Summit


VIP Exclusive Seating
...Or Zoom if you choose not to travel

Weekly With Grant Cardone & 10X Team