Operation 10X Badass

Empire Builder Elena Cardone invites you to join her for Operation: 10X Badass

To reach your full potential you must become a Bad Ass. How would you like to be known as a serious badass?  When you walk into the room, they stop and say, “look who just got here!” 

More importantly than what others say about you what do you say to yourself about YOU? When you look in the mirror would you like to see a more certain, confident, and courageous person?

These skills can be developed and increased ONLY through experiences. You can’t increase courage, confidence, and certainty by reading, you increase them by being placed in REAL LIFE situations where you are compressed to make decisions very quickly.

Operation: 10X Badass is for those who are committed to being the very best LEADER they can be.  For those who want to tap into and personify certainty, fearlessness, security, and confidence in their lives and the lives of others.

If you are sick and tired of being surrounded by people who can’t make good decisions, who lack leadership skills, and who live below their potential, join Elena and the 10X team for this two-day adventure.  

Climb aboard the Cardones’ private five-passenger 10X VIP Agusta 139 helicopter and get flown to a private location where you will spend two days at a super-exclusive invite-only tactical training facility, rated one of the top five in the country.  

You and your team will fly into Orlando and then be moved to a secret and secure location by private VVIP helicopter where you will move through a series of real-life, highly intense situations as you hone your critical decision-making skills, use priority intelligence, build confidence, and grow your personal courage while having the EXPERIENCE of your life that can never be taken away from you. 

Your reservation includes meals and accommodations.

This is where you find out what you’re made of and more importantly what you are capable of.

Operation 10X Badass - Come meet the badass that lives inside of YOU.