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64 Top Traits of Great Entrepreneurs

What is the difference between average and great… top salespeople produce 2 times more than average producers and 5 times more than bottom producers. Most businesses succumb to the fact that 20% of their team will produce 80% of the results, but what if that wasn’t the case. What if you could actually begin shifting more of your bottom performers to the middle and more of the middle to the top? Success and greatness do not lie solely in natural ability, they are the cause of developed ability, followed up with daily disciplines that all of the greats exercise.

In the Top Traits of Great Salespeople, the mystery of the traits and habits of the most successful people are uncovered and mapped out for duplication. Ask any athlete or peak performer and you will find that their success does not just show up on game day or in the board room, it is the result of the relentless refinement of their craft, the network of the people they keep the closest, the continuous investments they make in education and a myriad of other things. The Top Traits of Great Salespeople lays out the road map for a professional at ANY stage of their career to escalate their game to a whole new level!

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• Trait 1 – Great Salespeople quit thinking about a sale, and start thinking about a business.
• Trait 2 – Great Salespeople treat each customer with a high level of customer service (1 customer at a time).
• Trait 3 – Great Salespeople take the time to understand a customers needs.
• Trait 4 – Great Salespeople OVER promise and OVER deliver.
• Trait 5 – Great Salespeople invest in activities that will grow their business.
• Trait 6 – Great Salespeople are always looking for new ways to serve their customers.
• Trait 7 – Great Salespeople invest in networking, community, and building relationships.
• Trait 8 – Great Salespeople get obsessed with selling as an art.
• Trait 9 – Great Salespeople are not dependent on the economy.
• Trait 10 – Great Salespeople surround themselves with over achievers.
• Trait 11 – Great Salespeople are never, ever satisfied.
• Trait 12 – Great Salespeople do not view failed sales and lost sales.
• Trait 13 – Great Salespeople never give up on unsold client.
• Trait 14 – Great Salespeople are like magicians.
• Trait 15 – Great Salespeople see problems as opportunities.
• Trait 16 – Great Salespeople invest in their education and personal development.
• Trait 17 – Great Salespeople invest in making themselves known.
• Trait 18 – Great Salespeople hold themselves to performance standards higher than normal.
• Trait 19 – Great Salespeople constantly looking for new ways to build their pipeline.
• Trait 20 – Great Salespeople protect and guard their clients like they are gold.
• Trait 21 – Great Salespeople are convinced that their products are more valuable than the money they get for them.
• Trait 22 – Great Salespeople have a deep belief that they won’t be challenged by economies, competition, or low prices.
• Trait 23 – Great Salespeople know how to listen more than they talk.
• Trait 24 – Great Salespeople do not see themselves as selling, but serving and assisting.
• Trait 25 – Great Salespeople are not satisfied with awards and paychecks.
• Trait 26 – Great Salespeople always get answers to a question.
• Trait 27 – Great Salespeople want to disrupt the status quo for their industry.
• Trait 28 – Great Salespeople focus on results not effort.
• Trait 29 – Great Salespeople stretch way beyond their comfort zones.
• Trait 30 – Great Salespeople want to create clients for a lifetime.
• Trait 31 – Great Salespeople never blame others… they always accept responsibility.
• Trait 32 – Great Salespeople are obsessed with building clientele.
• Trait 33 – Great Salespeople are inspired by failure.
• Trait 34 – Great Salespeople stay hungry, act hungry and tell people they are hungry.
• Trait 35 – Great Salespeople show up early and they stay late.
• Trait 36 – Great Salespeople view problem customers as opportunities to create fans.
• Trait 37 – Great Salespeople see a job with a salary as more of risk than a commission job.
• Trait 38 – Great Salespeople value the connections in their community as their main aim of commerce.
• Trait 39 – Great Salespeople are devoted to being in great physical, emotional and spiritual condition.
• Trait 41 – Great Salespeople trust instinct, creativity and passion to fuel them.
• Trait 42 – Great Salespeople are very smart with their money.
• Trait 43 – Great Salespeople are good at starting things and they are unbelievable at finishing them.
• Trait 44 – Great Salespeople are willing to make the uncomfortable or difficult calls.
• Trait 45 – Great Salespeople are magicians, geniuses at communication, keeping negotiations alive when others would let them die.
• Trait 46 – Great Salespeople hold themselves accountable.
• Trait 47 – Great Salespeople are convinced that what they do is making a difference for their clients and the world.
• Trait 48 – Great Salespeople want to be #1 in their industry, not #1 in their company.
• Trait 49 – Great Salespeople seek to dominate not compete.
• Trait 50 – Great Salespeople go way beyond just selling. Don’t stop at just selling.
• Trait 51 – Great Salespeople are immune to negativity.
• Trait 52 – Great Salespeople are great listeners but they can also be deaf.
• Trait 53 – Great Salespeople do not get emotional in the negotiations.
• Trait 54 – Great Salespeople know that until the close takes place, value is not exchanged.
• Trait 55 – Great Salespeople never stop learning.
• Trait 56 – Great Salespeople know the difference between an objection and a complaint.
• Trait 57 – Great Salespeople never lower their targets.
• Trait 58 – Great Salespeople know the difference between selling, negotiating and closing.
• Trait 59 – Great Salespeople are willing to persist and insist in the close.
• Trait 60 – Great Salespeople know that the most important sale they will ever make is to themselves.
• Trait 61 – Great Salespeople build value. they don’t discount price.
• Trait 62 – Great Salespeople take the time to practice, drill, rehearse and role play.
• Trait 63 – Great Salespeople follow up relentlessly.
• Trait 64 – Great Salespeople believe their personal value exceeds the value of their product or service.

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