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Personality Assessment Academy

An indisputable fact is people prefer to buy from people they like and trust. The ability to create rapport is a fundamental skill in sales and everyday life. The goal of the DISC Online Interactive Assessment is to help you understand what drives people and recognize your options for effectively selling to them.

Created by Dr. Tony Alessandra, The DISC Assessment asks you a series of questions which will evaluate your behavioral type, then walk you through that evaluation and show you exactly what it means to you. The DISC Interactive Virtual Training Program & Interactive Communications Coach is a full-motion program with cutting-edge training technology that trains, tracks, monitors & measures every user in real time. The Communications Coach is a reusable tool to use 24/7 with any and all people that shows you how to treat them correctly in business and personal situations.

This package contains:

  • DISC Online Interactive Assessment
  • DISC Interactive Virtual Training Program
  • DISC Interactive Communications Coach

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