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Grant Cardone Live MP3

This will change your life. This is the most sought-after live automotive sales training program in the industry. It provides the listener with a comprehensive overview of Grant’s signature technology: “Information-Assisted Selling.”

Over 4 hours 31 minutes delivered by Grant Cardone himself!

Note: This is not the physical audio CD version. This is the downloadable MP3 version.

In this program Grant cuts through the false data and myths of the automotive industry and explains how an individual can break through barriers to achieve new levels of success.

This program covers the most basic challenges a salesperson faces as well as introducing very new ways of handling customers and closing deals. On these discs you will hear and learn Grant’s word-for-word responses to real life selling situations.

Thousands rush from all the over the country and even drive hours just to see one of Grant Cardone’s seminars. Not only does he provide the strategies necessary to find ultimate success, but Grant electrifies the crowd, delivering the inspiration and motivation that leaves audiences members ready to utilize his teachings the moment they get up from their seats.

Topics Grant discuss include:

  • The A3 Formula
  • The Cardone Five Step Selling Process
  • Information Based Selling
  • The Art of Agreement
  • The Best One-Liners in the Business
  • The Keys to Closing Every Customer
  • How to Write Up Every Customer
  • Overcome Any Objection
  • Increasing Gross Six Hundred Per Deal
  • The Best Closes In the Industry
  • Grant Cardone’s Original Closes
  • Over Eight Hours of Knowledge and Motivation!

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