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10X Sales Pro - The Formula For Dominating Your Market eBook

As a sales-focused powerhouse extension of the bestsellingThe 10X Rule book,10X Sales Pro is for any and every person who sells. 

Grant Cardone’s latest book takes a deep dive into all the ins and outs of the sales game, infusing 10X Mindset and 10X Action into each facet of the industry. Regardless if you’re a seasoned salesperson or an ambitious rookie, the book will help you master the 10 major components of becoming a true10X Sales Pro:

  1. EmbodyThe 10X Rule entirely, from big thinkingto massive action;
  2. Accelerate your career guided by the vision thatsuccessis your duty;
  3. Make the non-negotiable choice to fully commit to all that you do;
  4. Understand whyobsession is vital to your success;
  5. Discover the truth aboutcompetition and how it’s inferior to domination;
  6. Learn the best approach to perceive and handlefear;
  7. Explore the concept ofomnipresence in contrast with obscurity;
  8. Deconstruct the trendy myth oftime management;
  9. Realize the tremendous importance ofgoing all in;
  10. Approach sales, business, and life with a mindset of continuousexpansion;

Sales pros know better than anyone that each day is a chance to prove yourself, for good or for bad. I believe that whatever you have accomplished in your life thus far is just a faint shadow of what you are capable of.

— GC

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