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100 Ways to Stay Motivated

Flip Your Switch to Ignite Your Fire and Get Moving Towards Your Dreams!

The disengaged worker costs the US economy over $500 BILLION per year. What is this costing your company? Motivation is the secret sauce that can drive company profits through the roof. One of the biggest challenges that leaders face is how they can get their team motivated and then keep them there. Motivation can come and go. It is a muscle that must be built and developed. So what is the effect of a motivated, engaged staff on your customers? 41% of customers in a recent survey are loyal to a brand because of their attitude while 68% of customers will defect from a brand based on an experience with a disengaged employee.

The 100 Ways to Stay Motivated course was built to be a step-by-step checklist of things you and your team can do to be more motivated on a daily basis. The levels of motivation that your team operates with are not determined solely by what happens from 9-5 in the office. In fact, much of what contributes to team motivation is the result of what happens away from the office. This course is guaranteed to wake up the dead!

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Modules Included:


    • Introduction
    • Work to your Potential Not Your Quota
    • Shoot for Extraordinary
    • Go the Extra Mile Even After You Have Satisfied Basic Requirements
    • Do What Others Refuse to Do
    • Be Willing to Fail Knowing Failure is Impossible
    • Be the Most Dependable Person You Know
    • Let People Know You are Unique by Your Actions
    • Do Those Things That Challenge You the Most
    • Give More than is Expected of You
    Personal Development

    • Get in a Mastermind Group of Winners
    • Read a Book a Week
    • Cut Out Negative People
    • Stay Uncomfortable and Meet New People
    • Do Those Things You Are Fearful of
    • Surround Yourself with Positive Reminders
    • Reach Up for New Friends
    • Ask Those More Successful than You for Guidance
    • Make Continued and Regular Investments in Yourself
    • Go to Workshops to Learn and Connect
    • Avoid Those that Don’t Assume Responsibility for Every Outcome
    • Seek to be Exceptional in Every Area of Your Life

    • Be Honest With Everyone Especially Yourself
    • Be the Most Professionally Dressed Person in Your Space
    • Take Enough Time Off to Fulfill Your Desire for Time Off
    • Get Out of the House and Try New Things
    • Avoid Ads that Promote Depression as A Disease
    • Avoid Drama TV and Radio
    • Have Rewards for Accomplishments that Complement Your Potential
    • Cut Out All Behavior That Lowers Your Self Esteem
    • Everyday Look for Opportunities to Help Others
    • Stay in the BEST hotels
    • Fly First Class
    • Overcommit to Your Family and Friends
    Stay Energized

    • Exercise a Little Everyday
    • Eat the Healthiest Foods You Can Afford
    • Avoid Foods with Sugars
    • Increase your Water Intake
    • Be Energetic Even When You Don’t Feel It
    • Take Power Naps if They Help You
    • Write Down the Successes You are Having
    • Listen to Music that Pumps You Up
    • Say YES to Life
    • Move with Speed and Urgency
    • Stay Hungry and Act Hungry with Everyone You Meet

    • Give More than is Expected of You
    • Ask Those More Successful than You for Guidance
    • Approach Success as Your Duty
    • Approach Success as an Ethical Issue Not a Financial One
    • Be the Most Ethical Person You Know
    • Have a Higher Purpose than Just Money
    • Never Settle for Good When You Can be Great
    • Get Great Partners
    • Be Deaf When Someone Says You Can’t
    • Create Daily Rituals that Put You in Charge
    • Never, Never, Never Compare Yourself to Money

    • Never Lower Your Target Mentality
    • Make Sure the Whole World Knows You
    • Dominate Your Space, Don’t Compete in It
    • Get So Much Attention You are Criticized for It
    • Make the News Don’t Watch It
    • Become a Celebrity in Your Space
    • Get Some Big New Juicy Problems Rather than the Old Boring Ones
    • Be So Big in Your Space Everyone is Talking About You

    • Write Down Your Goals First Thing Each Day
    • Write Your Goals Down Again Before You Go to Sleep
    • Have a 30-minute Finance Meeting with Your Family
    • Have a Monthly Goals Meeting with Your Family
    • Identify What You are Passionate About
    • Picture What you Want at the End of the Deal
    • Focus on the Future Not the Past
    • Keep Images of What it is you Want in Your Environment

    • Be a Maniac at Your Career and Life
    • Do a Little More than the Day Before
    • Do So Much that You are Criticized for It
    • Take Everything You Do To Another Level
    • Stay around hitters and winners
    • Never Compromise Your Potential for Being Satisfied
    • Look at How Things are Possible Rather than Impossible
    • Look to Accomplish Those Things Others Say Can’t be Done

    • Stay Focused on the Daily Target
    • Do The Most Difficult Things First
    • Push Yourself to Do More than You Think possible
    • Visit Your Customers in Person
    • Call Every Problem Customer Personally and Quickly
    • Bring More to a Presentation Than You Could Ever Use
    • Complete Every Task Once Started
    • Respond to all Social Media Likes and Comments
    • Show Up Early for Everything
    • Make a List of Contacts That Would Change Your Life
    Time Management

    • Look to Control Time Rather than Manage It
    • Schedule Your Day in 15-Minute Blocks
    • Make Quality Time for Your Family Everyday
    • Keep Statistics on Everything Important
    • Keep a Full Calendar
    • Go to Bed Early
    • Be the First One Up in Your Neighborhood
    • Stay So Busy You are Running Everywhere You Go
    • Schedule Short Breaks
    • Get Things Done Long Before Required of You
    • Break Your Life into Priorities and Win at All of Them
    • Write a Daily Battle Plan

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