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Mastering the Cold Call

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The Cold Call is the single most powerful and effective way a salesperson can increase their sales and exceed their quota. Cold calls put the salesperson in the driver’s seat of their success. The cold call can help a startup grow with low cost, the entrepreneur shares their idea without an advertising budget, and the salesperson to be at the cause of their production, not the effect of a companies leads.

A master of the cold call is guaranteed to be one of the most valuable employees a sales organization can employ. Most salespeople, however, despite making them, and in most cases do everything in their power to avoid making them. So how can this be fixed? How can you build the confidence and motivation to cold call? How can you master cold calling to the degree that those cold calls become hot?

The answer lies in our Master the Cold Call course. This course lays out the answers to every question you ever had about being successful on a cold call, including how to get past the gatekeeper every time. Inside you will learn the one magic question that will allow you to win more calls than you ever thought possible.

What You'll Get:

When you enroll today, you'll receive instant access to:

  • Cardone University Mastering the Cold Call Program
  • 8 Core Modules
  • 42 Video Courses

Plus, upon successful completion of the program you will also receive:

  • A badge that can be hosted on your website, email signature and LinkedIn profile
  • A digital, printable certificate of completionfor framing
  • Status and recognition for completing a Cardone University program

What You'll Learn

  • How to build scripts for your business
  • How to handle every objection
  • How to double your appointment rate
  • How to double your close rate
  • Get the formula to hit your income targets selling on the phone
  • Get past the gatekeeper every time
  • Increase your confidence, increase your sales
  • Get the PERFECT cold call process
  • Which questions will get you an appointment every time
  • Never feel rejected again

Modules Included:

Cold Calling Basics
• The Cold Call
• Facts about the Telephone
• Why You HATE Cold Calls
• What industries and People Should Make Cold Calls
• Why the Cold Call Is so Important
Types of Calls
• Outbound Cold Call
• Outbound Lead Response
• Outbound Referral Call
• Outbound Follow-Up Call
Preparing for the Cold Call
• Define a Contact
• Do the Math
• Build a List
• Call Preparation That Will Guarantee Your Success
• Your Script
• Role Play Every day
• Prepare for Objections
• Take Notes
• 8 Ways to Guarantee Your Success on the Call
Getting Past the Gatekeeper
• What is the Gatekeeper
• Act the Part
• Kill the Small Talk until you need it
• The Power Greeting for the Gatekeeper
The Cold Call Process
• Purpose of the Cold Call
• The Greeting
• The BIG Claim
• Qualify/Fact Find
• Close
• Structure of Outbound Cold Call PDF
• How to Get Started Building Your Own Script - Quiz
Daily Success Rituals for Inside Sales
• Get Up Early
• Workout
• Get Focused - Eye On The Prize
• KNOW Your Call Calculations
• Start Your Day with Training and Role Play
• Clean Your Space
• Make Your List of 5
• Find Your Music
Cold Call Objections
• Not Interested
• I Am Busy / Don't Have Time
• Send Me Some Information / Email Me
• Not the Decision Maker
• No Budget
• Let Me Try It / Free Trial
• Need to Talk to Director / Executive / Board / Spouse
• Price Objection / Too Much Money (In Greeting)
• Didn't Use the Last One We Bought
• Already Working with Another Company
• What Do You Do?
• Call Me Next Quarter
Advanced Cold Call Tips
• The Most Important Cold Call Stat
• Best Time to Call
• Magic Questions that Advance the Process
• The Power of the Text
• The ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS of Cold Calls
• Tips of Leaving Messages
• The Key to Cold Calling Success
• Identify the Influencers
• Bring in Back Up for the Discovery
• Rapid Response is KEY
• Understanding the Follow-up Facts

*12 Month Unlimited On-Demand Access

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    I recommend this product


    It showed me amazing results i use this in my buisness and it has shown amazing changes that improved my buisness i recommended this to any business to have this program

    jared G.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    World class

    Who do you listen to? You listen to people That HAVE what you want And have been where you are. Lastly they have proven it in their own lives and that whatever they're teaching has worked for them. There's no one else in the world I would listen to about cold calling besides Grant Cardone. He's living proof that whatever he teaches works and works at the highest levels. GC doesn't use theory he uses real life proof and teaches you exactly how he did it! Couldn't be more pleased, thank you Graham. Jared

    British J.
    • Location Earth

    Did this course over a year ago BRILLIANT!!!!!

    This course is truly AMAZING and Grant is the real deal and I am so greatful to him for all he does and for genuinely caring so much about people and the world at large. I don't care how much the course is just do it. You can use this course to free yourself and not be beholden to anyone. To know you can dream up a product and pick up a phone and generate money for your family is beyond amazing. If you do the course honestly you will come out the other end more powerful and causative than perhaps you ever knew possible. I highly recommend you do a several things with this course to get you through. 1) If you haven't already, read Be Obsessed or Be Average. Turn off the telly and read it tonight. Kim Ks ass will be just a big tomorrow, I promise you :) 2) Team up with someone to do the course with. Now, when I say team up it needs to be with someone comparable to yourself and someone who it also 100% committed to seeing it through. They must be 100% committed so you can get through it together and prop each other up when needed. Set targets with each other and meet them. 3) Next practice, practice, practice. Maybe you can do some calling for your church or something similar. Maybe there is a charity you have always wanted to help. You could call their members maybe for donos of for an event. This way you are much more likely to be received warmly so you can get some wins and some experience without being riddled with bullet holes. 4) Once you have been through the course once do yourself a favor and dedicate 20 minutes a day to study a segment of the course and continue to do that until you know it COLD!!! I'm not going to BS you and say this course easy, because it's not. It can be brutal at times but so what. So someone knocks your head off, so what! Put your head back on and and dail the next number and if you die in the process you can sue me :) But again, so what! Keep going against all odds and in a very short time you will emerge out the other end of this wondering what all the fuss was about and how did you get all the holes in your drywall. Whether you went to college or not has ZERO to do with this or your success at this. All the schooling you need for this is on the course. And look on the brightside, if you needed a justification to upgrade to the latest Android or Iphone you now have one :) Use the latest tech tools. If you want to penny pinch, your tech tools is not the place to do it, buy the best. Want to see what you are made of????? Cold call Grants office right now and ask for a discount.LOL You never know the sheer cheek of it may get you some money off. Just saying <3 And Grant. If you do get to read this one day I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Cheers for everything mate, James T


    10X Amazing







    very good


    you don't deserve anything, you got to go get it!!

    Master The Cold Call, really helped with my sales approach over the phone. The key is a positive attitude,don't give up, its a numbers game and set a date. I am really excited to get back on the phone. Good job GRANT!


    Incredible Course

    This course has been instrumental for helping our telemarketing team generate more leads. Lead generation efforts have increased by 25%!


    Cold Call, Content

    Im in the military and currently in the field climbing trees for service, lol. Really good information, I cannot wait to get back and start applying these strategies to my business.


    Awesome program

    I love Grant and everything he stands for. I have been meaning to buy this program for some time now. The thing I would change is that I wish I would have bought it sooner! Thanks, G.


    Master the cold call

    This training has improved my confidence, encouraged my motivation and shown me how to progress in my career.


    Master The Cold Call

    I was given the mindset and strategies to craft my own scripts to get past the gatekeeper, how to qualify the prospect and a bunch of helpful resources like magic questions that get right to the point. The best part is that Grant's team assigns you a person that will help tighten up your script which is where I'm at now.

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