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The 10X Rule Exclusive Reading + Commentary

New Release - The 10X Rule in FULL Video read by the Creator of the 10X Movement & Author of Worldwide Best Seller The 10X Rule.

The 10X Rule has been read by millions of people around the world and been translated into multiple languages….

For the first time, Grant Cardone releases a full video series of The 10X Rule as he reads to you and goes into DETAIL how he understands and uses The 10X Rule in his own life and used it to Coach millions worldwide to 10X their businesses during the most difficult of times.

"Having GC deliver this content in the 10X Rule is more than reading a book, it’s like having him as my personal mentor.” - EC
"This content showed me how to rebuild my life and business when I most needed it." - RB
"Having this on my phone got me through the most difficult period of my life….thanks GC.” - TR


The 10X Rule Full Video Series will show you:

  • How to use The 10X Rule is Guarantee Your Success
  • How to Define Success for YOU in every area of Your Life
  • How to Make Success More than an Option
  • How do Discover the Abundancy Available Even in Tough Times
  • How To Get Back Control of Your Career and Finances
  • The Four Degrees of Action
  • How to Make Massive Action Your Mantra
  • How to Set and Attain 10X Goals
  • How do Dominate the Competition
  • How to Break Out of Tough Times 
  • How to Replace Depression with Obsession
  • How to Exceed All Your Goals
  • When and How to Expand and When to Contract
  • How to USE FEAR to Drive Your Success
  • How to Manage and Create Time
  • How to Handle Haters and Criticism
  • How to Set Targets and Achieve Them
  • How to Market Your Message
  • How to Overcome Excuses and Blame
  • How to Guarantee you Succeed at 10X Levels

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