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Real Estate In-House Master Class

This Real Estate Master Class is for you whether you are starting out or already consider yourself knowledgeable in real estate.

If you want to turn to real assets to grow your wealth, you need the information to know how to succeed.

Grant Cardone recorded an intensive 2-day Master Class for anyone looking to undertake a successful property search, to find out what works, what doesn’t, and how to find the right deals.

Grant goes into detail about how to buy deals, and how to manage and sell them.

Grant covers...

✓ Finding the right deals

✓ How to create passive income

✓ Ensuring you never lose your capital

✓ Guarantee cash on cash returns

✓ Get great financing

✓ How to exit at a 3X investment

✓ Buy off-market deals

✓ Access the right price to pay

✓ How to refinance & reduce capital

✓ How to own deals with no cash

✓ How to get investors for deals

✓ The easiest route to create cash

This is the most comprehensive series of real estate videos Grant has ever recorded!

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