The Entrepreneur Package

Want to be a multi-millionaire?

For a limited time, Grant will send you three of his books and four MP3 programs including Rules of Success MP3! But, that's not all! If you order during this special limited time offer, you will receive 10 signature wristbands and two 10X Daily Planners!

Package Includes:
  • The Closers Survival Guide Book
  • The 10X Rule Book
  • Sell or Be Sold MP3
  • If You're Not First Your're Last MP3
  • The Closers Survival Guide MP3
  • The 10X Rule MP3
  • Rules of Success MP3
  • 10 Signature Wristbands (2 each of 5 Signature designs)
  • Two 10X Daily Planners
Anyone can be successful if they have the right tools and refuse to give up. Desire is not enough a person needs strategy, skills and the ability to persist when challenged and even in the face of temporary failures. I know because when I was 25 I had already been fired from 3 jobs, was broke and was disgusted with my life and myself. I went to my mother and borrowed $3000 to purchase a video program so that I could start to educate myself on sales. This was the first real commitment I made to my career and profession. I immersed myself in that program and within 30 days I had quadrupled my income and within a year I had reached the top 1% in my industry.

Without the right education, strategies, motivation and sales training to implement, a person can never reach their full potential. I put this book and audio program together and assure you this package will provide you with the success and income you deserve. Get it today and if you aren't completely satisfied and making more money in 30 days send it back for full refund.

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