4-Day Train The Trainer School (Automotive)

Cardone Institute 4-Day Management Boot Camp Four Days in Orlando That Will Transform Your Career!

Tackle TODAY’S Management Challenges:

  • Increase Market Share in a Contracting Market
  • Increase Sales and Profits in a “Down Economy”
  • Maximize Results from Limited Showroom Traffic
  • Turn Excessive Negative Equity into Deals (and not Mini-Deals)
  • Increase Profit Despite Restrictive Lender Guidelines
  • Stop Selling Scared
  • Create a Success Environment that Stops High Turnover
Managers Will Learn:
  • 5 Key Elements for Structuring Deals for Profit in Today’s Economy
  • 100% Write Up (no excuses) Through Step Two Appraisal
  • Negotiating Negative Equity for Profit
  • Making Profit on Deals that Banks Will Buy
  • Information-Based Selling and Full Disclosure Negotiations
  • Negotiating with the Buyer’s Money Not Your Profits
  • Proactive Leadership vs. Reactive Management
  • Simple, Easy In-Store Sales Training Agendas
The Cardone Institute is a 4-Day Boot Camp Taught by The Cardone Group’s National Director of Training, Steve Gardner. Steve will teach you how to:
  • Make Your Advertising Match Your Sales and Negotiation Process
  • Turn Your Sales Process into a Marketable Asset
  • Double Your Write-Ups by Offering Buyers Information Up Front
  • Shorten Negotiation Time by Building a Unique Profile for Every Buyer
  • Provide Every Buyer with Full Disclosure Purchase Information
  • Teach Closing Skills that YOU can Replicate—Build an Army of Trained Closers!
  • Build Exit Packages that Bring Shoppers Back to Buy From YOU