Winter 2-Day Mastermind

Come spend 2 days with Grant!

Hang out with Grant’s Special Celebrity friends and speakers


*Hang Out with Grant 

Exclusive one-on-one time with Grant Cardone & his celebrity business friends who you see him doing business with every day. Close proximity and one-on-one questions from GC's perspective and his peers on how to grow your business.

*Networking with Power Players

With only 25 people in the room, you'll have a great opportunity to create lifetime networks with extremely qualified successful peers. You are who you spend your time with and this gives you access to heavy hitters.

*Learn 10X Success Hacks

Scale your business to 10X levels by spending time learning what others are doing to scale their businesses to levels you know are available but haven't yet attained. The goal of this workshop is to put together an actual plan of what and who is needed for you to 10X your business and life.

*An Experience of a Lifetime

Mr. Cardone's schedule has him traveling the world. This is the only two days of his year where he brings together a group of two dozen like-minded entrepreneurs to share ideas. This is truly the experience of a lifetime reserved for the special few who have the time, the money, and something worthwhile to bring to this exclusive environment.